Monday, April 4, 2011

Screen ON

Screen on allows you to keep the screen ON with two options of brightness preventing the screen to lock and to keep the screen awake .

It offers two options,

1) Keep the current brightness (Don't dim)

2) Allow to Dim
Allows the screen to dim but will not allow it to lock.

Requires Internet Permission for Google Analytics tracking.



  1. hi Chethan!
    many thanks for your app screen on ! its the onlyone who runs on my archos 5it and the dim function saves me a lot of battery. if i navigate outdoors.

    a little imprvovement for the next version ?
    is it possibile to make the dimmed brightness adjustable i need more dimm big grin so more battery is savingsmile

  2. Yes, thanks for your suggestion. I will add this feature in the next release.

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  4. Could you post an apk of "Screen on" somewhere? I'm thinking of installing your app on my motoactv :)

  5. Hi Chetan,

    Very nice and usefull app.
    Would it be possible to support landscape mode ?
    Also, as Smartctl2 says, the ability to dim to 0 (backlight totally off) would be nice for more battery savings.


  6. Great app, it would be even better if it can start automatically when charging. Thanks

  7. Amazing app! I have a feature suggestion: Please write a Tasker plugin so we can start/stop via Tasker!

    This would help usability immensely. Thanks for the great app